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Originally Posted by chrisuns View Post
Yes, that would clearly be the case if he was putting it in a 02. However, he earlier stated it's going into a 04. Offering poor advice because you didn't read his question, isn't going to help anything but make it more difficult for those who know what the hell is going to to explain it.
My bad, he did say an 04. I somehow missed that in his post, and saw an 02 in his signature. No need to get snippy though...
Originally Posted by Drholliday View Post
Can you explain why he has to convert it to an LBZ to make it work? Is it just so the computers acan talk to the other computers in the truck?

The injectors shouldn't need to be swapped out BTW. LBZ and LMM injectors are interchangeable. Meaning an LBZ can run on LMM injectors and vice versa.
chrisuns is actually right when he says it is how the computers "talk" to the truck. The protocols that the LMM uses to talk to the rest of the truck are different than what the 04-06 trucks use, so if you put the LMM in the older truck it won't be able to communicate. If the computers don't talk to the rest of the truck, thinks like the security system won't work right, and presumably the OP wants the truck to work like factory.

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