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Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
I wouldn't worry about converting the LMM to an LBZ; just bolt it in as is. Put in a DPF delete tune and call it done.
Not that simple. For starters LMM and LBZ communication protocols are different. LMM ECM actually talks to the truck though high speed. Where as the LBZ ECM & TCM is programmed by high speed and talk to each other in it, but they talk to the rest of the truck low speed. Same reason it's really complicated to put a LLY or LBZ in a 02 and older vehicle. In this case however, the engines (LBZ and LMM) are almost mechanically identical for the most part and can be converted to one another. Now if a LMM TCM and ECM can be programmed to be back to the older O.S. I belief so. However, I don't think it is as simple as EFI live to do this. Last I knew it took bench programming, which is a lot more than the average home user has.
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